Music Therapy Master of Music (M.M.) – Music Therapy Specialization

Course Descriptions

MU 543 – Advanced Research Methods in Music Therapy

This course is designed to help music therapy professionals gain a better understanding of research in order to critically read and participate in research. Students will learn the components of designing, conducting, and disseminating a research project. Emphasis will be placed on quantitative research methodology and applicable statistical testing. Students will learn how to use methodologies that are commonly applied in the clinical setting with small and large populations. Students will have the opportunity to conduct their own research project, resulting in a research article and research poster presentation.

MU 545 – Composition for Music Therapy Practitioners

Students have the opportunity to explore their own composition and improvisation skills as they relate to facilitating music therapy sessions. We explore topics in music theory, composition, and improvisation, and incorporate those concepts into our own compositions and improvisations. Music recording technology is also explored in this course.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students are able to:

  • Improvise and compose music that facilitates functional objectives.
  • Use composition to facilitate movement, speech and language, and other functional skills.
  • Develop creative music skills including musical play, melodic improvisation, harmonic improvisation, and playing in different meters and styles.
  • Record compositions utilizing computer programs.
  • Generalize learned techniques into clinical practice.

MU 647 – Historic Foundations of Music Therapy

In this course you have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the history of music therapy. We begin in the 1700s and end in present-day music therapy practice. You are exposed to early pioneers, learn about the original scientific studies in music therapy, and encounter some very interesting individuals and ideas along the way!

MU 648 – Neuroscience/Music Foundations in Therapy

This course is designed to provide students with the historical and scientific foundations of neurologic music therapy. Concepts covered will include the biological foundations of music, current developments in the neurosciences of music, biomedical research in music, and current scientific evidence for clinical practice.

MU 649: Advanced Practice in Music Therapy

This course is designed to provide the working music therapist with experience in advanced NMT practice. Students will become familiar with current clinical practice in Neurologic Music Therapy and will receive hands-on instruction during one long weekend at CSU. This course will provide students with a unique opportunity to further their knowledge of NMT techniques while receiving advanced instruction from the CSU faculty.

MU 686 – Music Therapy Practicum

This course is designed to further the working Neurologic Music Therapist's clinical skills. The student will practice NMT techniques while working in their selected population. Students will record current clinical work and will submit DVDs/Videotapes for review by the CSU faculty. The student will receive written feedback about their clinical practice, with suggestions for further development of NMT practice.

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