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Journalism and Media Communication Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Communication (B.A.)


Requirements to Graduate

A minimum of 120 credits are required to complete this degree. This includes:

  • 42 upper-division (300-400 level) credits
  • 30 upper-division credits completed through Colorado State University
  • 40 credits of JTC courses
  • Minimum of 72 credits outside of JTC

The number of courses needed for completion of the program depends on:


The curriculum listed below is intended to inform prospective students about the overall theme of the program and should not be used as an example program of study. Students need to consult their advisor to develop a degree completion plan based on the credits transferred into this program. You have the option to use the Transferology™ website to conduct a self-review of your potential transfer courses. This tool will assist you in seeing how your previous college coursework may transfer to CSU.

Please note, more online courses are in development to provide additional choices.

Required Courses

Select two of the following Concept courses (6 cr.):
Select one of the following Legal/Ethics courses (3 cr.):
Select one STAT course (3 cr.)

Directed Electives

Writing (6 cr.):

Production (6 cr.)::

Two Additional JTC courses (6 cr.):

These may be any JTC course not previously used in another requirement. At least one JTC course must be 400-level or above.

Internship (1-4 cr.):

Earn a minimum of one credit for completing an internship at a student media organization, through a study abroad course, or at an organization outside the University. Students have access to internship opportunities through the online service Handshake, but also can seek internships on their own. Internships must be communication focused, and can include work for news media, sports organizations, corporate or governmental communication offices, independent companies, schools, or anywhere where professionals can supervise the daily efforts of an intern.

All University Core Curriculum (AUCC) (31 cr.)

Students are strongly encouraged to select AUCC courses in consultation with their academic advisor. This program has particular recommendations for satisfying some areas of AUCC.

Degree Minor or Secondary Field (21 to 24 cr.)

Choose an approved minor in consultation with your advisor.

Electives (20 to 23 cr.)

Electives must be non-JTC courses.

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