Human Development and Family Studies Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Human Development and Family Studies

Why Choose CSU?

As a student in CSU’s online human development and family studies bachelor’s program, you will receive the same education, learn from the same faculty, and earn the same regionally accredited degree as students on campus. Additionally, you can expect a program that offers:

  • A Full-Lifespan Focus: Our curriculum equips you with skills to help individuals and families throughout the lifespan, from early childhood through older adulthood, thus preparing you for a career in a variety of settings.
  • A Customizable Curriculum: Our program can be tailored to fit your specific interests through the choice of five degree concentrations, a gerontology minor and Director Qualifications coursework.
  • Personal and Professional Applicability: The skills you learn in our program are equally beneficial to your personal and professional life.
  • A Broad Approach: Our well-rounded curriculum incorporates concepts in biology, psychology, sociology, and social work, to provide you with a broad foundation applicable to a variety of human services fields.

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What Next?

  • See how an online education from Colorado State has allowed students to fit education into their lives, how faculty work with students, and how coursework has directly impacted their work.

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