Human Development and Family Studies Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Human Development and Family Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a degree in human development and family studies?

Earning a degree in human development and family studies can prepare you for a variety of careers in fields including education, research, social services, counseling, and healthcare. By concentrating on a particular area of study, such as early childhood development or gerontology, for example, you can customize your learning experience based on your specific career goals.

What jobs are available with an HDFS degree?

There are several potential career opportunities for professionals with a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies, including:

  • Early childhood educator
  • Social worker
  • Child welfare specialist
  • Family counselor
  • Healthcare professional
  • Long-term care administrator
  • Occupational therapist
  • Community outreach specialist
  • Human services administrator
Note: Additional licenses, certificates, or education may be required for some jobs.

Can I become a counselor or therapist?

A bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies sets a foundation if you wish to pursue a career as a counselor or therapist. However, if you’d like a career in those fields, you may need to pursue a graduate degree or special certification. You can speak with an academic advisor to get more insight about this.

Can I go to graduate school with this degree?

Yes, this program can give you the foundation you need to pursue a graduate degree.

With this degree can I be licensed as a teacher in public education?

The online HDFS program does not prepare you to take the teacher's licensing exam in Colorado, although it will provide most of the necessary coursework. To become licensed, you can:

What is the difference between psychology and HDFS?

The difference between psychology and human development and family studies becomes clear when examining the coursework for each program. Psychology students primarily study human behavior, thought, cognition, and brain function. HDFS students focus primarily on how individuals and families develop (both mentally and physically). HDFS is an interdisciplinary program that examines the social context of human development over the lifespan of a person. The HDFS bachelor’s program also gives students the opportunity to customize their area of concentration.

What’s the value of earning an HDFS degree versus a psychology degree?

When comparing a psychology bachelor’s degree to an HDFS bachelor’s degree, consider your career goals and how the coursework can provide a relevant foundation of knowledge and skills. In general, an HDFS degree will likely be more valuable to anyone pursuing a career that focuses on both physical and mental human development, e.g. early childhood development or gerontology. A psychology degree will likely be more valuable to anyone pursuing a career that focuses primarily on human behavior, cognition, and mental health.

Do I need previous coursework or experience for this degree?

Students can apply to this program with no previous college credit, or can transfer into this program with 12 credits or more.

How long will it take me to finish the degree?

The amount of time it will take you to complete the degree depends on how many credits you choose to take each semester. Courses are offered in fall, spring, and summer to offer accessibility and flexibility to students. Students commonly take two to three courses each semester.

How much time will I need to dedicate weekly to my studies?

The amount of time you will spend weekly will depend on the amount of coursework you commit to each semester, as well as your learning and studying style. It is recommended to spend at least nine to twelve hours per week on a three-credit course.

Will there be interaction with other students and faculty?

You will collaborate on projects and exchange ideas with fellow classmates through email, chat rooms, and discussion board postings. Faculty are very present in these courses and will provide ongoing support and interactions by providing online office hours and email contact, as well as discussion board postings.

What are the computer requirements for the HDFS program?

Online courses are delivered through Canvas and require a computer and internet access. Learn more about accessing online courses.

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