Human Development and Family Studies Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Human Development and Family Studies


Degree concentrations allow you to customize your curriculum based on your career aspirations. As a student in this program*, you must declare a minimum of one concentration, and no more than two. Each concentration, except the HDFS general concentration, will be listed on your transcript as indication of specialized training within the Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) program. You may choose from the following degree concentrations:

Early Childhood Professions Concentration

Learn to work with children in a variety of settings, including special needs and early childhood careers. This concentration is ideal for first- and second-year students who plan to apply to the competitive early childhood education major during their sophomore year. Coursework features child development classes, and incorporates approaches from several disciplines that focus on education, diversity, and professional skills.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Professions Concentration

Gain valuable skills and knowledge for careers in businesses that promote individual and family development. This concentration is best suited for those interested in working as directors, managers, or business owners, as well as in legal services. The curriculum provides a comprehensive entrepreneurship education, with coursework in finance, management, marketing, public policy, professional communication, and leadership.

Pre-Health Professions Concentration

Launch your medical career with pre-health coursework that prepares you to work with individuals with disabilities and mental and physical illness, as well as those experiencing death or grief. Students in this pre-health program have gone on to pursue careers as allied health practitioners, occupational therapist, physical therapists, anesthesiologist assistants, child life specialists, chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors, music therapists, podiatrists, speech and language pathologists, and veterinarians, among others.

Prevention and Intervention Sciences Concentration

Prepare for positions in the human services profession such as counselor, educator, or social service provider. This concentration is also an excellent option if you’re seeking a research career in human development and family studies or a related field. Coursework emphasizes evidence-based programs and teaches you how to design and implement community-based prevention and intervention programs, such as early intervention training programs and crisis prevention intervention training.

Human Development and Family Studies Concentration

Broaden your education with the human development and family studies concentration. This general option is available to HDFS majors who are interested in learning about the entire individual or family life cycle rather than specializing in a certain area. The curriculum features psychology and social work courses in addition to HDFS credits, providing a well-rounded and robust education. As part of this concentration, you also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiential learning courses and internship opportunities to help you explore your career path and credentialing options.

*All students entering the program in Fall 2015 or later must select at least one (and may add up to two) concentrations.

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