Higher Education Leadership Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Higher Education Leadership Specialization

Learning Experience

The higher education leadership Ph.D. is a distance-delivered program with some unique characteristics. Much of your student work is accomplished online during two weekly sessions of 2.5 hours total using video conferencing. These interactions, plus face-to-face meetings on the CSU campus, help create a cohesive cohort of students.

On-campus meeting dates are as follows:

2021 Jan. 14-15 July 12-16
2022 July 10-15

The student-student relationship adds a personal dimension to the small group activities that are an integral part of the program. The student-faculty relationship is enhanced by the small cohort size (10-12 students), the fact that faculty are experienced educators, and the predominate use of papers rather than exams for learning and grading.

The program is very selective and looks for a diverse group of students. Applicants must have experience working in higher education, but that experience can come from a college or university anywhere in the country — or even the world. If you have worked as a student services administrator, or if you are interested in moving toward higher administration in any area of a college or university, this may be the program for you.

What Next?

  • See what the career landscape looks like for graduates, including industry demand and examples of roles students have held after earning this degree.

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