Fire and Emergency Services Administration Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Hear from Our Students

Hear about our students' experiences with online learning, the skills they gained from the FESA program, and the opportunities for career advancement that came from earning a degree.

Ralph King

See how earning a degree allowed Ralph to follow in his father's footsteps, climbing the ranks in one of the busiest fire departments in the country.

C. Kimball

"I gained a focused, structured view inside the fire service, with all its moving pieces including policy, legal, HR, budget, project management, communications, etc. Because of that, I now approach my job with a more holistic understanding of the necessary web of support offered by Fire Administration. I learned the value and importance of the other players throughout the organization. FESA is a great blend of solid instruction, interesting and beneficial coursework, amazing advisors, a school with an established pedigree, and one that wouldn’t break the bank as I worked toward my degree."

M. Malone

"I have a better understanding of how emergency services organizations function in a "big picture" sense. The FESA program provided me with a well-rounded education pertaining to emergency services management. I feel better prepared to take on new challenges and positions within my current job. The instructors are top-notch, the program is well organized, and the online degree route is flexible for full-time workers in emergency services."

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