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Fire and Emergency Services Administration Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Fire and Emergency Services Administration


Requirements to Graduate

A minimum of 120 credits are required to complete this degree.
This includes:

  • 42 upper-division (300-400 level) credits
  • 30 upper-division credits completed through Colorado State University

The number of courses needed for completion of the program depends on:

CSU's composition requirement should be met in your first semester after admission. Transfer students must satisfy CSU's admission requirement in mathematics.


You must take the 11 core FESA courses for a total of 37 credits. The remainder of the credits needed for graduation can be satisfied with transfer coursework and electives in accordance with the credit totals described in the program requirements and departmental and university policies.

You are encouraged to design a program of study choosing electives that complement your professional interest areas and career status. Elective seminar (FESA 492) and independent study (FESA 495) opportunities are provided to allow you to apply professional experience to learning activities.

The curriculum listed below is intended to inform prospective students about the overall theme of the program and should not be used as an example program of study. Students need to consult their advisor to develop a degree completion plan based on the credits transferred into this program. You have the option to use the TransferologyTM website to conduct a self-review of your potential transfer courses. This tool will assist you in seeing how your previous college coursework may transfer to CSU.

Core courses (37 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following:

(non-selected FESA courses can be taken toward the total elective total)

What Next?

  • See what the career landscape looks like for graduates, including industry demand and examples of roles students have held after earning this degree.