Fire and Emergency Services Administration Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Career Opportunities

Did you know that to become a fire chief, you need to have a bachelor's degree? There are many other opportunities for career advancement and promotion for you after completing this program as well. The skills and expertise you acquire can be applied immediately to your job, and help you work toward a higher-level position.

You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to assume administrative, management, and leadership positions in a wide variety of fire protection, prevention, emergency medical, and emergency preparedness services. With an understanding of the evolving requirements of emergency services and a solid base in planning, evaluation, and oversight, you will be prepared to advance to management and administrative roles in the fire and emergency services as:

  • Fire chiefs
  • Company officers
  • Public administrators
  • Fire marshals
  • Educators

This degree completion program is beneficial to you if you have an interest in fire and emergency services and want to increase your opportunities for raises and promotions. You will receive a well-rounded background in emergency services, which can help you earn an administrative professional position within your fire or emergency services field.

What Next?

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