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Computer Engineering Master of Engineering (M.E.) – Computer Engineering Specialization
Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Engineering

Why Choose CSU?

As a student in this program, you receive the same education, learn from the same faculty, and earn the same regionally accredited degree as students on campus. Additionally, you can expect:

  • The Opportunity to Gain a Competitive Edge: Keep up with the pace of innovation by having access to the latest research and trending advancements in the field. Our program prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the ever-evolving demands of the profession in areas like communication equipment, hardware manufacturing, medical machines, and more.
  • A Degree with Broad Applicability: The skills you learn in this program are applicable to any industry that uses information, which could include: transportation, healthcare, mobile device market, and more. Such a wide range of relevant industries gives you the flexibility to pursue an array of employment opportunities.
  • Instruction from Expert Faculty: Be at the forefront of new technology and industry developments by learning from faculty who incorporate their active, and often internationally recognized, research projects and industry expertise into the curriculum. Faculty research interests include robotics, radar technology, communications and signal processing, distributed and embedded system design, and more.
  • A Customizable Curriculum: Our coursework-only electrical and computer engineering degree allows you the flexibility to choose courses that best suit your educational and professional goals.
  • Career Enhancement Opportunities: Extend your educational background beyond an undergraduate degree to better take advantage of career opportunities in electrical engineering and computer engineering. An advanced degree from a highly recognized research institution and a specialized skill set that spans across disciplines can help you stand out to current and future employers.

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