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Civil Engineering Master of Engineering (M.E.) – Civil Engineering Specialization

Hear from Our Students

Matt Thomas

Matt’s love of rivers started when he was just 16, working as a rafting guide. See how CSU’s online civil engineering master’s gave him the opportunity to put his passion to work.

Byrana Zuiderweg

Bryana Zuiderweg

“The information in this program was very applicable to my career. It helped me become a better, more developed engineer. My GIS courses allowed me to take my skills to another level. I apply what I learned in the pipeline and stormwater courses regularly in my daily job duties.”

Scott Kempin

Scott Kempin

“This program taught and prepared me to better use technology in the field, especially GIS and modeling tools. The case studies and literature prepared me to form defensible and sound engineering judgements. The professors prepared me to solve real-world challenges.”

Pamela Whitfield

Pamela Whitfield

“I wanted to switch disciplines from working at a natural gas utility to storm water design, but I struggled to get my foot in the door. Now I’m doing the work I really wanted to do and enjoying my career path. Much of what I learned in this program has direct connections to my job. I also learned to apply new ideas, such as incorporating GIS into projects to make a project more meaningful to the end user.”

Carlos Garcia

“Before completing the program, I had the seeds of ideas that could improve processes at work, but I wasn’t able to execute the ideas or build the tools. Since moving through this program, I have enhanced my abilities to create new and improved workflows, carving out an important role on my team at work.”

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