Ramchand Oad

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CSU

Ramchand OadDr. Oad’s professional career has focused on promoting economic welfare through sustainable development and management of water resources for irrigated agriculture. At Colorado State, in addition to teaching and research, Dr. Oad has worked with its national and international programs. In Colorado, he led a comprehensive effort on water rights policy and practice related to irrigation return flows, for the Colorado State Engineer’s office (1989-96), and the effect of irrigated agriculture on fish and wildlife (2001-present). He has worked with the North and Central Colorado Water Conservancy Districts and several Irrigation Ditch Companies on programs related to policy and actual practice for efficient water use and management. Presently, Dr. Oad is working with the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District and Interstate Stream Commission in New Mexico, for promoting efficient water use for irrigation and other societal needs including preserving fish and wildlife habitats in New Mexico.