Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management (M.A.L.C.M.)

Course Descriptions

LEAP 500 – Leadership in the Arts

Prerequisite: Admission to the MALCM program
Theoretical and applied knowledge about concepts of leadership and leadership styles as applied to arts related organizations.

LEAP 600 – Arts Policy and Advocacy

Prerequisite: Admission to the MALCM program
Discuss of the role of artist as citizen and how we affect public policy.

LEAP 650 – Arts Events Management

Prerequisite: LEAP 500 or LEAP 600
Technical aspects of events, season and festival management for arts related organizations.

LEAP 660 – Arts Collaboration and the Community

Prerequisite: LEAP 600
Research, development and production of outreach projects; team projects for community engagement.

LEAP 670 – Law and the Arts

Prerequisite: LEAP 600
Examine the legal foundations of artistic creation including copyright, freedom of expression, public domain laws, and contract negotiation.

LEAP 687 – Internship

Prerequisite: LEAP 600; LEAP 692 or concurrent registration
Field internship at local, regional or national arts organization (45 hours per credit).

LEAP 692 – Internship Seminar

Prerequisite: LEAP 600

Selected Elective Courses

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