Agricultural Sciences Master of Agriculture (M.Agr.) in Agricultural Sciences – Integrated Resource Management Specialization

Requirements and Curriculum


This degree requires:

  • 30 credits, selected with the guidance of an academic advisor, including internship credit
  • 24 credits must be earned at Colorado State University, 21 of which must be earned after formal admission.
  • Completion of a professional paper (no thesis is required)
  • Minimum of one, preferably two, internships arranged and approved with your academic advisor
  • Internship requires a minimum of 40-hours of work per internship credit


The integrated resource management specialization in this online agriculture master's degree allows you to take the ten required courses in the order that best suits your educational and professional needs. All online courses combine the same rigorous training as campus courses with directed hands-on, problem-solving experiences that apply to real-life land management scenarios.

This program teaches you to be a capable professional in agriculture, government, and natural resources careers. For example, alumni can:

  • Manage rangeland and animal production for both long-term profitability and sustainability.
  • Apply an integrated approach to successfully manage the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders.

Required courses

What Next?

  • Learn more about being a student in this program, including information about course structure, assignments, time commitments, and interaction with peers and faculty.

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