Adult Education and Training Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Adult Education and Training Specialization

Learning Experience

Students enter the adult education and training (A.E.T.) program with a tremendous amount of personal and life experience. By learning with peers in different professions and with different experience levels, you gain a broad perspective on techniques, tools of the trade, and best practices.

As part of creating an engaged learning community, the A.E.T. faculty go above and beyond to create a personal touch within the online learning environment. They enjoy taking the time to get to know you, explore your professional background, and identify your educational goals.

"The communication with my professors was great...they were definitely there for me and wanted me to be successful. I could email them, and they would always write back within a very short amount of time...they were very, very present." – Amanda Corbyn, A.E.T. Graduate

In addition, you can expect the following during your time as a CSU adult education and training student:

  • Assignments are focused on delving deeper into research and program development areas that align with students' personal and professional goals.
  • You’ll be immersed in a collaborative learning environment, including interactive projects created to encourage individual and professional growth through exposure to other colleagues.
  • Advisors assist you in becoming a critically reflective practitioner, capable of conducting and communicating workplace research as it relates to and informs the field of adult learning and training.
  • You’ll graduate with the skills to teach in a variety of adult learning environments within a culturally diverse, global context.

"I am not sure exactly how the "magic" happens, but I really value and am thriving on the quality of engagement and discourse and our collective willingness to have our thinking pushed." – Luanne Teller, A.E.T. student

What Next?

  • See how an online education from Colorado State has allowed students to fit education into their lives, how faculty work with students, and how coursework has directly impacted their work.