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New Student Orientation

Tuition & Fees

When you register for a course, you are responsible for the cost of tuition and applicable course fees. Colorado residency is not a factor in determining online tuition rates and fees.

Colorado State University reserves the right to change tuition rates without notice. Tuition rates are subject to change on an annual basis.

Learn more about tuition and fees.

Billing & Payment

Electronic Billing (eBilling)

Tuition and fees for credit courses are billed monthly. The University will send your bills electronically to your CSU email address for any month you have activity on your student account. Your statement is viewable in RAMweb.

You may grant access to parents and other trusted individuals to view your student bill online by logging into RAMweb and by selecting "Manage Access to My Records (FAMweb)."


Each statement includes a due date indicating when your payment must arrive at the University's Cashier's Office. The table below shows important initial billing and payment dates:

Semester First Email Sent Payment Due
Fall August September 10
Spring January February 10
Summer May June 10

Any subsequent charges added to your student account are billed in full and are due on the 10th of the following month (or the following business day if the 10th falls on a weekend or University holiday).

Learn more about billing and payment including information about late fees and sponsored billing. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at (970) 491-6321 regarding questions related to billing and payment.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for online and distance students to cover the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks, and living expenses. The Office of Financial Aid has a dedicated team to assist students seeking their degree through CSU Online.

Learn more about applying for financial aid or arranging employer tuition assistance by visiting the Office of Financial Aid website or by contacting (970) 492-6321 or

Military and Veteran's Benefits

Veteran's Benefits

CSU's Military and Veteran's Educational Benefits Office offers a team of certifying officials and veteran student workers to assist eligible students in obtaining benefits under five different chapters of the GI Bill.

Learn more about military and veterans benefits at CSU on the Registrar's Office website.

Military Discounts

Tuition discounts are available to military personnel who have been admitted to a College of Business or a College of Engineering online degree program.

Learn more about military discounts.

Accessing Your Courses in Canvas

Canvas is CSU's online learning management system where you view your courses, submit assignments, participate in discussions, etc.

Depending on when you register for a course, you may not be able to immediately see your course in Canvas. At the soonest, you will be able to view your course on the Friday before the class begins*. However, you may not be able to view your course until the day that the class begins.

Learn more about accessing your courses and explore useful Canvas resources including a review of the technology required to successfully run and navigate the system.

*Some online courses are open-entry courses and begin on the date of registration. If you are enrolled in an online open-entry course, create your eID and log in to Canvas to access your course right away.


A prerequisite is a requirement that you must fulfill before you can register for a specific course. Some courses do not have any prerequisites; other courses may have one or more prerequisites.

A prerequisite may be waived if you are able to show evidence of having earned credit in an equivalent course or if you are able to provide evidence that you have obtained knowledge in another manner (e.g., work experience, etc.) that is equivalent to the prerequisite requirement.

If you can provide evidence of your knowledge, contact the instructor of the course and request an override. An override allows you to waive the prerequisite requirements. If you are granted an override, the instructor will enter this information into the systems. Once the override has been entered, you may return to the CSU Online website and register for the course.


Some online and distance courses require exams to be proctored. Depending on the course, exams can be either paper-based or online.

Learn more about proctoring including how to find out if a course requires proctoring.

Dropping and Withdrawing from a Course

Drop and withdrawal deadlines vary by course. You can find these deadlines in one of three places:

  1. The CSU Online website course description page
  2. The registration confirmation that you receive by email after you register for a course
  3. RAMweb. Under "Registration," click "My Weekly Class Schedule." Select the appropriate term

Non-attendance (not participating in a course) does not automatically drop you from the course and it does not relieve you of the cost of tuition and other fees.

University Withdrawal

You are performing a University Withdrawal if you drop or withdraw from your entire class schedule during the fall or spring semesters regardless of whether your class schedule consists of one course or multiple courses.

You may request a University Withdrawal beginning on the first day of the semester through the last day of the semester.

Learn more about CSU Online's drop and withdrawal policy including instructions for dropping or withdrawing from a course, university withdrawal, refunds, and other important information.

Student Health Insurance

CSU Online students enrolled in at least six credits are eligible to enroll in student health insurance.

Learn more about eligibility requirements and the process to enroll on the CSU Health Network's website.

Obtaining a RamCard

You may request a RamCard (student ID card) to take advantage of student discounts in your community and to show your Ram Pride.

To get started, email to request a RamCard Distance ID Request Form. Your RamCard request is completed within five business days of receiving all required items indicated on the request form and is delivered to your mailing address on record with the university.

Taking Time Off

You are required to be continuously enrolled in the fall and spring semesters throughout your degree program. However, unexpected events and opportunities may arise that require you to take some time off from your studies. Review the policies to see how graduate and undergraduate students can take necessary time off while remaining active in their degree programs.


You are required to notify the University of your intended graduation term to ensure that all requirements have been met.

Undergraduate Students
Contact the Registrar's Office at or (970) 491-7159 prior to your graduation term and confirm your plans to complete your degree. By the first week of your graduation term, a graduation contract outlining all remaining requirements will be completed by your advisor.

Graduate Students
You must complete an Application for Graduation (GS Form 25) and submit it to the Graduate School by the deadline associated with your graduation term. Students who applied to graduate in a previous term, and did not graduate, are required to file a Reapplication for Graduation and register for Continuous Registration.

Further information about graduation deadline dates and forms is available at the Graduate School.

Commencement Ceremonies
All online students are invited to participate in on-campus commencement ceremonies in Fort Collins, CO. You will also receive an invitation to attend the CSU Online Graduation Brunch. The brunch is held every fall and spring semester on the Friday of graduation weekend. Students who intend to graduate during the summer semester are invited to attend the spring commencement ceremonies held prior to the summer semester.

Learn more about graduation ceremonies on the commencement website.

Alumni Resources

Once you graduate, check out our alumni resources to stay connected to CSU and to continue to take advantage of relevant, reliable CSU resources.

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