WR 581A1 - GIS Water Resource Applications

  • 4 credits
  • Online

Students will be exposed to GIS applications focusing on water resources. They will assess online data sources, learn how to download and pre-process digital data, and analyze water information. Students will learn through demonstrations, lectures, discussion sessions and hands-on labs. Students will demonstrate their understanding of class concepts through the development of a project that will include developing a GIS database and conducting analysis from techniques learned in class.

This course can be applied towards:


Written consent of instructor, graduate standing.

Textbooks and Materials

NOTE: You will be using ArcGIS 10 for this class. An Education Edition of ArcGIS with extensions will be sent to you - so you will need to supply your mailing address to the instructor prior to the start of class. System requirements can be found at: resources.arcgis.com/content/arcgis-desktop-system-requirements. ArcGIS 10 can be run on a Mac ONLY if you have Boot Camp or some other third party software that allows you to run Windows natively.