SOCR 412 - Seed Processes: Separation and Conditioning

  • 1 credit
  • Online

Seed conditioning is a process that removes unwanted weed seeds, crop seeds and other unwanted particles from the seed lot so that the final seed lot will produce a high quality crop in the field.

The purpose of this course is to help students understand the physical processes involved so equipment can be set to perform efficient separations with minimal loss of good seed. In addition, this course will help to illustrate how to set up the seed conditioning facility so that it can be operated in an effective manner.

This course was developed for individuals who have had some very basic experience in seed conditioning. Anyone without that background may have to work a bit harder to grasp some of the ideas, and some increased communication with the instructor may be needed to understand the intricacies of the final project.

This course has online exams that require a proctor. A Proctor Identification Form will be required. ProctorU is not available for this course.

This course can be applied towards:


BZ 104 (Basic Concepts of Plant Life) or BZ 105 (Basic Concepts of Plant Life Laboratory) or BZ 120 (Principles of Plant Biology).

Textbooks and Materials

All course materials are included online.

This online course must be completed within six months. No time extension is allowed.