SOC 332 - Comparative Majority-Minority Relations

  • 3 credits

Discrimination, ideology, power, policy issues in the U.S. and in a global community. We will be active in examining the roots of prejudice and discrimination, as well as discovering solutions to the problems that face our world in regards to race, ethnicity, power, class, and social structure.

This class implements a large variety of media in an attempt to create an online learning experience that is very "face to face" and "personal." We accomplish this through the use of many videos uploaded weekly; online chats and discussions; a focus on constant email contact; and access to speaking directly to the professor as well as the potential to meet in person.

We will not only look at the past, and the present, but we will examine the future of relations between people of differing ethnicities, and we will examine ways in which we can create a more equitable society. We will also be active in observing and interacting with our local communities, and form solutions to the many social problems we face. Great fun, a very interactive class experience, and lots of learning! Please join us!

This course can be applied towards:


SOC 100 (General Sociology) or SOC 105 (Social Problems).

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Majority-Minority Relations, 6th Ed.
    Farley, John E.
    ISBN: 978-0205645374


Aude Chesnais
Aude Chesnais

I am Dr. Aude Chesnais. I have been teaching for the sociology department since 2014 and was awarded an Outstanding Instructor Award in 2015. My classrooms are a place of interactive learning where critical thinking is required. I encourage students to communicate and help them strengthen their arguments so they can be their stronger thinking selves. I believe in a very personalized approach to learning and strive to be available for my students. I am good at building a safe space where everyone feels free to express themselves respectfully. I recently graduated with my PhD in sociology. Besides teaching, my research focuses on Indigenous resurgence, decoloniality and sustainability. I enjoy the mountains, drinking chai and sword-fighting. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the course. I am looking forward to being your instructor.