SOC 313 - Computer Methods in Sociology

  • 1 credit
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This class is designed to help you learn how to use the statistical software package Stata to further develop your abilities to analyze quantitative social scientific data. While there will be some review of statistics, this is not a statistics course. You will learn how to code and enter data into Stata; conduct and read the results of Independent-Samples t-Tests, Analysis of Variance, Regression and Correlation, and Crosstabs and Chi Square; and format, print, and present analyses and output in the style used for formal reports in Microsoft Word.

This class implements a large variety of media in an attempt to create an online learning experience that is very "face to face" and "personal." We accomplish this through the use of videos uploaded weekly; discussions; a focus on constant email contact; and access to speaking directly to the professor as well as the potential to meet in person. The weekly videos are called “lectorials.” They are part lecture on the trickier aspects of statistics and working with Stata and part tutorial on how to run tests and format output, and were designed to give you the same instruction I give my on-campus students.

Computer knowledge is more important today than it has ever been before. This class will prepare you for either academic or applied research work. With the skills you acquire from this class, in combination with a Research Methods and Statistics course, you will easily be prepared to join a public or private research institute as an assistant researcher or enter into the world of business as a marketing researcher. If you have no plans of entering the world of research, this class will still put you ahead of the pack in any form of employment where computers are an important tool.

This course can be applied toward:


SOC 210 (Quantitative Sociological Analysis) or STAT 200 to 499.

Textbooks and Materials

No textbooks are required for this course. However, you will need to purchase the statistical software package Stata for this class.

Other materials will be accessible through Canvas.


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