PSY 228 - Psychology of Human Sexuality

Sexuality is fundamental to the well-being of humanity on many levels: individual, interpersonal, societal and global. This course is designed to address all four levels with a broad-spectrum survey of the major perspectives on human sexuality. Although the primary focus of the course is on psychological research and theories, a comprehensive understanding of sexuality requires the integration of psychology with sociological/cultural, biological, legal, and philosophical/spiritual perspectives.

In addition to the factual knowledge contained in scientific perspectives, the development of a healthy sexual lifestyle further requires personal exploration, values, awareness, and the ability to make responsible decisions about sexual behavior. Consequently, exercises addressing these issues will also be provided.

Specifically, upon completion of this course, students will:
know the existing research on the psychology of human sexuality; understand the contributions of the various scientific perspectives to that body of knowledge; be aware of their own attitudes about sexuality and the sources that have affected the development of those attitudes; and possess the knowledge necessary for making informed, responsible decisions about their sexual behavior.

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Textbooks and Materials

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  • Understanding Human Sexuality, 13th Ed. (2017)
    Hyde, J.S. and Delamater, J.D.
    ISBN: 978-1259544989

Note: The textbook is also available as an e-Text through the publisher.