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PPA 592 - Special Topics in Public Policy and Admin

  • 3 credits

Of the services and goods provided by the government in the United States, none involves a more complex multitude of policy problems, externalities, trade-offs, and conflicts than education. This course will explore the complexities of United States education policy from multiple perspectives across federal, state, and local government entities.
Students can expect to learn the different actors engaged with education policymaking and implementation, including the role of state and federal policymakers and administrators, public school districts and boards of education, state and federal courts, and the communities involved with schooling like parents, unions, and private businesses. Students can expect to learn the dynamics of education policy at the state and federal level and will understand how education policy is implemented by local school districts.
At the end of the course, students will be expected to: understand different policy problems in education in the United States; describe the dynamics of education policymaking, including actors involved, trade-offs, and administrative applications; and, apply public policy and public administration concepts to education case studies.
Overrides of the prerequisite course will be provided for the summer 2022 session. Please reach out directly to the instructor for an override.


PPA 500 or PPA 501.