OSHR 3134 - World War II; The Mediterranean Theater of Operations, 1942 - 1943 Part 2 (Perk Series Lecture)

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  • Fort Collins

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During 1941-42 British Commonwealth armies captured iraq, occupied Southern Persia, overcame French Vichy forces in Syria, and secured their positions in Egypt. Britain’s strongholds of Malta, Gibraltar, Alexandria, Cyprus, Palestine, and the Suez Canal persevered. After two and a half years of back and forth combats, at the Second Battle of El Alamein, the Commonwealth Eighth Army defeated the Axis forces and traversed Libya into Tunisia. In November 1942, Anglo-American forces landed in Vichy held French Morocco and Algeria (Operation Torch). The Tunisia campaign followed.
By May 1943, the crushed Axis troops in Africa surrendered. The opening blows against Hitler’s "Fortress Europe" started from the Mediterranean.

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