OSHR 3036 - Japan, Part 2: Destined To Be Defeated in Five Years - PERK SERIES

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By the Twentieth Century, Japan’s Empire amassed formidable armed forces that overcame China and Russia in battle. It invaded Manchuria, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Russia. In 1940, Japan entered the Tripartite Axis Pact and
confronted the European Colonies in the Pacific.
It advanced on a warpath against the United States that inevitably led to the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Over the next six months, the Japanese Navy spectacularly ravaged its strategic objectives in the Pacific. By mid-1942,
Admiral Yamamoto, commanding officer of Japan’s sea warfare, considered the extant U.S. carrier force as the last enduring hazard to the Japanese Pacific campaign. He was determined to lure the American carriers to Midway Island and destroy them. Just six months after the Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. Navy resoundingly won the ensuing battle. The United States adopted an offensive
strategy in the Pacific forcing the Japanese Navy to a defensive position for the remainder of WW-II.

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Dr. Isaac Eliachar

Dr. Isaac Eliachar is a retired physician who headed the laryngotracheal reconstruction section at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Since his retirement, he has actively pursued his interests in World War II and post-war history, teaching history courses at the Palm Springs Air Museum and for the Osher Institute at Cal State San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus.