OSHR 1843 - Earth: A History of Ideas about the Origin and Evolution of Our Planet

  • Noncredit
  • Fort Collins

This course is offered through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Colorado State University. You must be a member of Osher to enroll in this course.

Join us to explore theories and ideas about the origin, functioning and evolution of Earth from antiquity to the present day.

We’ll begin with a basic introduction to geology, followed by an overview of mythical concepts from antiquity to the Renaissance.

Next we will discuss the beginning of geology in the late 1600s and the rise of professional geologists and geological surveys during the Industrial Revolution.

We’ll finish with modern theories about Earth, including the origin and age of Earth, geologic time and the tempo of geological change, catastrophic floods, rock types and their formation, climate change and glaciation, earthquakes, Earth’s interior and plate tectonics, and the origin and evolution of mountains and basins.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.