OSHR 1818 - 12 Kinds of Colorado

  • Noncredit
  • Loveland

This course is offered through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Colorado State University. You must be a member of Osher to enroll in this course.

With dotted lines drawn across plains, mountains, and plateaus, people defined Colorado. Though holding no sway over where the lines were drawn, nature yet determines the character of place within those dotted lines.

An aspen grove in the mountains differs strongly from a willow carr on the plains. In the jigsaw puzzle of grasslands, shrublands, and treelands that is Colorado, every bird, cactus, and butterfly; every fern, mouse, and snail knows its own distinctive place, its own kind of Colorado.

In this course, we will examine the wildlife richness of 12 unique kinds of places and discuss where, when, and how to visit them.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.