OSHR 1210 - What the Book Jacket Doesn’t Tell You

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This course is offered through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Colorado State University. You must be a member of Osher to enroll in this course.

Enjoy the opportunity to hear four accomplished authors, a photographer, and a genealogist reveal the often unexpected and always entertaining stories behind their work.

Monday, October 29 - Tracy Beach penned The Tunnels Under Our Feet about Colorado’s hidden and forgotten tunnels in Pueblo, Victor, Old Colorado City, Durango, Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, and Fort Collins, among others. She is also investigating the location of hidden tunnels under the CSU campus!

Monday, November 5 - Barbara Thiem is an internationally acclaimed cellist and teaches at CSU. She has translated fascinating family letters from Ernst Mendelssohn-Barthody, the nephew of famed composer Felix Mendelssohn recounting his train journey across the United States: From New York to San Francisco - Travel Sketches from the Year 1869. His letters are insightful and humorous, offering a rare view of an America we’ve never seen.

Monday, November 12 - Learn how Kenneth L. Goldsberry (Ph.D., Emeritus Professor in CSU’s Department of Horticulture, retired USAF lieutenant colonel, and genealogy expert with 46 years’ experience) followed a mere scrap of paper to reveal his family history. Ken, who has written many articles on genealogy, will share the latest techniques on researching ancestors and discovering those important family history stories.

Monday, November 26 - After finding letters and a scrapbook, retired Fort Collins history teacher Ken Elder Bledsoe was inspired to research his father’s World War II story. The result is the book Echoes from an Eagle. Bledsoe traveled to Horn Island off the coast of Australia to track down his father’s crash site. He is dedicating the book to his father and all WWII fliers.

Monday, December 3 - CSU Professor Dan Beachy-Quick (poet, essayist, and novelist) has won numerous national awards for his work. His diverse titles include: Of Silence and Song, Gentlessness, Shields and Shards, Stitches and Songs, A Whaler’s Dictionary, Circles Apprentice and Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations and Tales.

Monday, December 10 - Local photographer Vic Schendel is internationally acclaimed for his photos from Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Vic is considered by his fans to have produced some of the best nature and landscape photography in the world. Many residents will recognize him from his photography column published in the Coloradoan for several years. His work is also on display locally at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado.

Please Note: No class November 19

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Nancy Hansford


Nancy Hansford is a longtime freelance writer and an author of two titles: Fort Collins Highlights and Northern Colorado Ghost Stories. Nancy spent four years writing about local authors as a columnist for the Coloradoan.