OSHR 1132 - Born There, Live Here: The Life and Times of International Immigrants to Fort Collins

  • Noncredit
  • Fort Collins

This course is offered through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Colorado State University. You must be a member of Osher to enroll in this course.

How would your life have been different if you had been born in the U.S. but ended up spending your life in another country, far from family and friends?

Immigration is an essential part of the American story, and the story of Fort Collins. Through better transportation and communication we continue to see the migration of talent worldwide. This class will explore the gifts and challenges of living in two (or more) cultures and countries. Basic concepts in cultural adjustment will be presented to help participants think about the stories that immigrants living in our community will share with the group. In exploring their stories we may see ourselves with different eyes.

Readings: Becoming Americans (Ilan Stavans, Ed.), ISBN 978-1¬598-53-051-3, available on reserve in the library of the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures where the class will be held.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.