OSHR 1091 - More Grand Challenges for the 21st Century

  • Noncredit
  • Fort Collins

This course is offered through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Colorado State University. You must be a member of Osher to enroll in this course.

In 2006, the National Academy of Engineering charged a panel of experts with identifying the major scientific and engineering problems to be solved during the 21st century. This group ultimately defined 14 grand challenges.

Our series continues as we explore five additional challenges: (1) making solar energy more affordable, (2) providing energy from fusion, (3) developing carbon sequestration methods, (4) managing the nitrogen cycle, and (5) restoring and improving urban infrastructure.

Stay tuned as we plan to discuss the final five challenges next session!

Readings: www.nae.edu

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