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NRRT 665 - Survey Research and Analysis

  • 3 credits
  • Online

NRRT665 provides an overview of the social psychological theories, survey methodologies, and statistical techniques used by human dimensions researchers to inform and support natural resource / tourism decision-making. Emphasis is placed on understanding data manipulation techniques and what statistics are appropriate for addressing applied decision–making problems.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, students will be able to understand:
1. the relationship between theory and research.
2. the distinction between conceptualization and measurement.
3. how to write survey questions, construct surveys and understand the advantages and disadvantages
of different types of surveys (e.g., on-site, mail, phone, www).
4. the major statistical techniques used by researchers to inform human dimensions decision-making.
5. what statistical techniques are appropriate for analyzing selected types of research questions.
6. how to conduct data analysis using SPSS (i.e., Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).
7. how to interpret computer printouts and construct data tables / figures.

This course can be applied toward:

Important Information

Students will need to have access to IBM SPSS. There are several ways to access the software:

1. SPSS is available on the WCNR computer lab PCs.

2. The software is also available on WCNR laptops that students can check out.

3. Use the Remote Desktop app on Windows or Mac computers to access WCNR lab computers.

4. If you wish to have SPSS on your personal computer, the “student version” is available from RamTech.