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NRRT 608 - Nature, Outdoor Recreation - Human Well-Being

  • 2 credits
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Investigate the importance of spending time and travelling outdoors in nature for human well-being. Examine the scientifically proven physical, cognitive, emotional, and social benefits that result from time spent in nature, and how these are achieved through tourism. Immersion in nature is linked to positive conservation outcomes. Examine the role of nature and wellness in achieving tourism and conservation outcomes.


Must be a graduate, professional.


Dr. Sarah Walker

Dr. Sarah Walker’s research uses an environmental justice lens to investigate the role well-being can play in helping us better understand people’s relationships with their environments. Specifically , she studies human well-being in the context of climate resilience and adaptation in vulnerable communities around the world. Her work also investigates the well-being benefits of spending time in nature. Sarah received her PhD from Colorado State University and is currently completing her post-doctoral training at University of Colorado Boulder. She’s an avid hiker and cyclist, and loves being in the classroom with students.