NR 572 - Strategic Communications for Conservation

  • 2 credits
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In this course, students examine and apply concepts and practices for strategic communications planning and messaging for conservation organizations, programs, and campaigns. Students learn and use frameworks for communications planning for educational, informational, and advocacy campaigns and other strategic programs. Through course topics and assignments, students will develop conservation communications strategies, tactics, messages, media, and evaluations.

This course can be applied toward:


NR 569 (Conservation Communication Fundamentals) or concurrent registration.


Josh Zaffos
Josh Zaffos

Josh is program lead and developer for the online Graduate Certificate in Communications for Conservation. He is faculty in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Department of Journalism & Media Communication, and the Communications Specialist for the Department of Anthropology and Geography. Josh is also an environmental and science writer and journalist whose work has been published by High Country News, Audubon, Yale Environment 360, Scientific American, Slate, Wired, and many other digital and print publications.