MU 333 - History of Rock and Roll

  • 3 credits
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Beginning with a study of the African-American musical styles that led to the creation of rock and roll, the course focuses on rock styles from the early blues-based rock and roll of the 1950s and the British Invasion of the 1960s, to Folk Rock, Psychedelia, Heavy Metal, Punk and New Wave, and other styles of the late twentieth century. Featured music and artists are examined from cultural, societal and analytic perspectives, with a special focus on how each genre not only represented its specific cultural era, but how individual artists and songs contributed to the perception of those same time periods.

Course content is divided into weekly units that have set deadlines for assignment submission, discussion contribution and scheduled exams, but the organizational structure allows each student to manage his or her own time in preparing work required for each deadline. Active listening to songs from a pre-determined musical example list is a major component of the course, and lecture content is delivered in the form of textbook and supplemental readings.

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Textbooks and Materials


  • How Rock Rolled: A History of American Popular Music (e-text)
    Brian Moon
    Not available at the CSU Bookstore
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