LB 200 - Liberal Arts Research Methods

  • 1 credit

This one-credit 8-week course is designed as a foundations course for all interdisciplinary liberal arts majors. Its purpose is two-fold: (1) to provide you with a streamlined yet highly efficient and time-saving research procedure you can modify for use in your other classes and (2) introduce you to the fundamentals of the interdisciplinary approach and the role fact-based research plays within a liberal arts context.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Students learn what the value and purpose of research are and how such activity fits within the larger scientific-empirical discourse.
  • Students learn the role research plays within the liberal arts disciplines and how such roles fit within an interdisciplinary analytical approach.
  • Students learn a streamlined, efficient and time-saving research process, consisting of a manageable set of fundamental ‘research tools’ — e.g., a research toolbox — they can take with them upon successfully completing this course.
  • Students learn how to correct a number of misapprehensions typically associated with their research understanding that undermines their research success.
  • Students learn how to employ ‘practice’ as a means of better understanding research as a lifelong tool for an independent-thinking life.
  • Students learn how to employ research accurately and successfully as a foundation for fact-based, informed arguments.

Important Information

Course texts are subject to change. Please contact the professor (via email) before purchasing texts--or wait until the first day of class.

Textbook and Materials

Please contact instructor for textbook requirements.


Dr. Gesa Zinn

Dr. Gesa Zinn has a Ph.D. in German from the University of Minnesota and is a special assistant professor in languages, literatures and cultures at CSU. Zinn is also a member of CSU’s Honors Program. Additional credentials include: teacher and literacy specialist; Twin Cities German Immersion School; program director of German Studies Program from 2001 until 2014, University of Minnesota, Duluth; and visiting professor at Aalto University, Finland (summers). Zinn is a native speaker of German.