LAND 200 - Topics in Landscape Theory and Garden Design

  • 3 credits

LAND 200 – Topics in Landscape Theory and Garden Design provides students with topics of landscape theory and design principles in garden design through readings, videos, and lectures. Students will be engaged through online discussions and will record weekly exercises and course material with the development of a sketchbook and blog/website postings.

Academic goals for this course:

(1) Become accomplished in landscape history, theory and basic design strategies and processes.
(2) Develop a strong skillset for garden design at varying scales.
(3) Accomplish various visual communication tools and techniques.

Topics covered through readings, videos, and discussions are:

  • Garden Definition and the Three Natures
  • Drawing, Representation and Landscape Meaning
  • Regulating Climate: Spaces, Rooms, and Grottoes
  • Paths, Terraces, Stairs, Edges
  • Walls, Fences, Gates, Seating
  • Vegetation – Form, Texture, Shape, Volume, Color
  • Water Features

Important Information

All readings are provided.

Textbooks and Materials

All readings are provided.


Kelly Curl

(970) 491-7283 |

After receiving her MLA from the University of Pennsylvania, Kelly worked at Peter Walker and Partners (PWP). Kelly's past projects include The Cleveland Clinic, World Trade Center Memorial, University of Texas-Austin, San Jose International Airport, Novartis headquarters, Raleigh Museum of Art, and the University of California-Merced.

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