JTC 414 - Media Effects

  • 3 credits

Media are often blamed for everything from mass murder, to political apathy, to rampant consumerism. At the same time, media are championed for helping people connect with one another, teaching children how to count and spell, and for providing a window into the wider world in which we live. So, what is hype, and what is true? In this course, we will explore these questions using a social scientific perspective. This course will help you understand the why and the how of media effects. In JTC 414, an upper-division course, you will learn about the effects of media exposure and the amount of media use on individuals, groups, and society.


Junior standing.


Marilee Long

(970) 491-6463 | marilee.long@colostate.edu

Marilee Long is a professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University. Her research interests are in health and science communication. In health communication, shes studies the use of messages to encourage attitudinal and behavioral change. She also studies the role of media in shaping people's health attitudes and behaviors. In science communication, she studies the effects of media portrayals of science and scientists on people's attitudes toward science.

Dr. Long teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including media effects, health communication, research methods, specialized and technical editing, and the senior capstone.