HIST 345 - Civil War Era

  • 3 credits
  • Online

U.S. history between 1848 and 1865 emphasizing causes and results of the Civil War.

The Civil War is a subject of fascination for many Americans and it is arguably one of the most important events in the nation's history. Effects of the war can be seen in modern society and popular culture. This course will seek to understand why the Civil War holds such a salient position. It will examine the causes of the war, the strategies of the Union and the Confederacy, the life of soldiers, the battles, the generals, and the war's consequences. But it will also study the lesser known--but no less important--aspects of the war: the homefronts, the role of African-Americans, the changes to gender roles, modes of finance and supply, diplomatic relations, the irregular or guerrilla war, and the enduring myth of the Lost Cause.

This course has online exams that require a proctor. Online proctoring is available through ProctorU. For traditional site-based proctoring, a Proctor Identification Form will be required.


HIST 100 (Western Civilization, Pre-Modern) or HIST 101 (Western Civilization, Modern) or HIST 150 (U.S. History to 1876) or HIST 151 (U.S. History Since 1876) or HIST 170 (World History, Ancient-1500) or HIST 171 (World History, 1500-Present); completion of 45 credits. Credit not allowed for both HIST 345 and HY 370.

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • The American Civil War (American History in Depth), 1st Ed.
    Smith, Adam
    ISBN: 978-0333790540