FW 553 - Adaptive Fish and Wildlife Management

  • 3 credits

Formal approaches to making management decisions about wildlife and fish populations, using tools of decision analysis.

This course can be applied toward:


FW 104 or FW 260 or FW 555 or LIFE 320 or NR 300; STAT 301 or STAT 307.

Important Information

Registration is restricted to FWCB Plan C Masters students through Dec. 10. Any seats remaining in the course will be available to non-Plan C students after Dec. 10.

Textbooks and Materials

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Heather Jackson


Heather Bird Jackson is a conservation and landscape ecologist conducting research that helps conservation organizations maximize biodiversity protection given limited funds. In addition, her research helps researchers and conservation planners conduct their work at the spatial scales most relevant to the species with which they are concerned. She teaches online classes at both Colorado State University and the University of Tennessee including Adaptive Wildlife Management, Science Communication, Climate Change and Land, Landscape Ecology, and Conservation Biology.

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