ERHS 405 - Fundamentals of Ergonomics

  • 2 credits
  • Online

This course covers basic skills, knowledge, and abilities in ergonomics; the focus is musculoskeletal injury prevention.

Ergonomics is the study of people at work. In the broadest sense, it deals with every aspect of the work environment and human interaction. While this course introduces some broad concepts, it focuses on musculoskeletal ergonomics.

The intent of this course is to prepare students with basic skills, knowledge and abilities in ergonomics theory and practice by using self-paced study modules that include lecture content, text readings, web readings and web-based exercises.

The first set of modules provides an introduction to fundamental ergonomic concepts and principles. The second set provides a focus on office ergonomics and the avoidance of CTDs. The final set focuses on ergonomics of manual materials handling (MMH).


One college-level animal biology or anatomy/physiology or engineering design course or concurrent registration.

Textbook and Materials

No textbooks are required for this course.