EDUC 591F - Workshop: The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School

  • 2 credits

Registration for fall is currently unavailable. Please return after July 1, 2018 to check for registration availability.

The professional development workshop The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School is an exploration of the richness of multicultural literature shown through four pedagogical approaches to teaching it: reader response, inquiry, cultural studies, and critical pedagogy.

Eight one-hour video programs feature classroom footage illustrating these approaches, augmented by background information on featured authors and analysis of their works by leading scholars, educators, and the authors themselves. Rounding out the workshop experience are the print guide, which includes discussion questions and activities, and the Web site, which includes resources about literature and teaching strategies.

Review the course work requirements and the workshop website for more information.

Annenberg Learner (formerly Annenberg Media) funds and distributes multimedia professional development courses and resources to advance excellent teaching in American schools. These educational video programs with coordinated web and text materials help teachers enhance their expertise in their fields and refine their teaching methods. The School of Education at Colorado State University offers graduate credit for teachers enrolled in these professional development courses. Educational video programs with coordinated interactive web and text resources form the basis for these courses and can be accessed at the Annenberg Learner website.

Important Information

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Cindy O'Donnell-Allen

(970) 491-6428 |

Ph.D. Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum, University of Oklahoma; M.S. Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum, University of Oklahoma; B.S. Secondary Language Arts Education, University of Oklahoma.

Professor O'Donnell-Allen teaches courses in literacy, composition, pedagogy and adolescents' literature. Her research explores the ways in which discursive practices serve as tools for collaborative knowledge construction in learning communities. She has published articles and chapters on adolescents' literary meaning construction in multimedia interpretive texts; the influence of nested contexts on students' engagement with literature; the relationships among gender, language, and power in school; and the role of relational frameworks in collaborative learning. Her current research projects include a three-year longitudinal study on the development of a teacher research group into a discourse community and a study of the ways pre-service English teachers voluntarily access and construct narratives in the process of learning to teach.