EDUC 591E - Workshop: Reading and Writing in the Disciplines I: Single Discipline Strand

  • 2 credits
  • Annenberg Learner

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This course provides mathematics, science, social studies, and English middle and high school teachers and literacy coaches with an overview of disciplinary literacy, essential concepts related to proficient reading and writing, and general instructional practices that support literacy development indicated by the Common Core and NGSS. The course encompasses four discipline strands: Mathematics, Science, English and History/Social Studies.

The course is divided into two parts. The first (Units 1–4) are intended for teachers in all disciplines and provide an overview of disciplinary literacy, essential concepts related to proficient reading, writing, communication, and general instructional and assessment practices that promote literacy development. For part two (Units 5–8), teachers SELECT a discipline and focus both on the particular literacy demands of that discipline and strategies for preparing students to be literate participants in that discipline. It should be noted that all of the units are designed to provide students with effective literacy practices that will enable them to think critically about disciplinary content in the classroom as well as prepare them for participation in future studies and workplace situations.

Teachers will watch eight videos with classroom examples specific to their chosen discipline, research on what literacy means in their discipline, and explore case studies of professionals using literacy in their daily work. An extensive website houses the course text and interactive features.
Review the course work requirements and the supporting website for more information.

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Important Information

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