EDLL 4102 - Physics for the 21st Century

  • 3 CEUs

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While many of the research programs at the frontiers of physics might at first seem inaccessible or counter-intuitive, they are underscored by basic ideas that are familiar from classical physics such as forces and the conservation of mass and energy. Physics for the 21st Century takes learners to the next level by using these ideas as a springboard to develop the ideas of modern physics such as quantum mechanics, general relativity and nuclear interactions. This course is divided into 11 units, grouped into three broad areas:
• The universe at its smallest (subatomic particle physics)
• The universe at an everyday scale (atomic and molecular physics)
• The universe at its grandest (cosmology).
By opening the doors to an exciting world of ideas, this workshop will help bridge the gap between what is being taught in high school and college and what is exciting physics researchers.

This workshop will be offered for 3.0 CEUs. Participants will be enrolled in Canvas and access the course materials through this gateway site. They will be expected to engage with all the course materials including 11 video sessions with accompanying text plus support materials, website interactives, and wrap-around activities totaling at least an additional 19 hours, but will not be required to submit homework, papers, projects, etc. A non-graded discussion forum will be available to participants as an outlet for ideas and peer interaction. A participant survey/open-ended test questions/evaluation form will serve as the end point of the noncredit course and will document participation. Once the participant has completed the survey/test form, they will notify the course monitor who will review and send a certificate documenting the CEUs.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Important Information

There is no refund available for this noncredit course once the registration is processed. Students will receive an email containing their Canvas login information soon after registration.


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