EDLL 4101 - The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science

  • 3 CEUs

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This course begins with an overview of the Earth's systems "geophysical, atmospheric, oceanic, and ecosystems" as they exist independently of human influence. Following this introduction, the course explores the effect that human activities have on the different natural systems. Topics include:

  • human population growth and resource use,
  • increasing competition for fresh water, and
  • climate change.

Each of the programs features two case studies following top scientists in the field. The course includes video programs, a coordinated website, the course text online, five interactive simulations, background on the scientists whose research is documented, a professional development guide for high school science teachers and additional resources.

This workshop will be offered for 3.0 CEUs. Participants will be enrolled in Canvas and access the course materials through this gateway site. They will be expected to engage with all the course materials including 13 half hour video sessions plus support materials, website interactives, and wrap-around activities totaling at least an additional 24 hours, but will not be required to submit homework, papers, projects, etc.

A non-graded discussion forum will be available to participants as an outlet for ideas and peer interaction. A participant survey/open-ended test questions/evaluation form will serve as the end point of the noncredit course and will document participation. Once the participant has completed the survey/test form, they will notify the course monitor who will review and send a certificate documenting the CEUs.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Important Information

There is no refund available for this noncredit course once the registration is processed. Students will receive an email containing their Canvas login information soon after registration.


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