BUS 690F - Contemporary Issues - Finance: Firm Valuation

  • 1 credit
  • Online

This course will identify key value drivers for a business and how these can be identified utilizing currently available financial information. We will be applying many different analysis and valuation techniques. Upon completion you will better understand the option set available to management to fix the problems businesses face, along with the valuation impact different strategies have on a company’s net worth.

As a professional course, the curriculum is designed to provide sufficient foundation for graduates to pursue a professional certification, such as the Chartered Financial Analysts program. Please know that you will need to be diligent about practicing the problems that are given during the course. The tools presented for analyzing a course seem somewhat intuitive, in order to gain the full benefit that this course presents you must get involved. Suffice it to say that years of experience have taught me that knowing this information well is a key part of advancing up any organization you do or will work for. Not many people know this information well, but those who do will forever make a better living than those who don’t.

Any students with disabilities or other special needs, and who request special accommodations are invited to share these with me as soon as possible.

Completion of BUS 641 Financial Markets and Investments is recommended.

This course can be applied towards:


Admission to a College of Business graduate program.

Important Information

Active-duty military, spouses of active military personnel, veterans, federal, and state employees must contact the MBA Advisors to receive the tuition reduction code prior to registering. Students must be admitted to the MBA Program to receive this discount. Reduction of tuition will not be given if you do not provide the appropriate code at the time of registration. Call (970) 491-2865 or email mbaadvisor@business.colostate.edu

Textbooks and Materials

A list of required textbooks is posted on the MBA Resource Guide approximately 4 weeks prior to the beginning of class. See http://mbaresources.biz.colostate.edu/TextbookLibrary/Pages/TextbookListing.aspx.