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BUS 680A2 - Global Sustainable Transformation in Business

  • 1 credit

A series of modules that explore a variety of business sustainability-topics. Global team project and networking.

Important Information

The course runs from 6 March 2023 to 16 May 2023 and requires participants to take at least 3 modules of their choice, and they must complete the CSU module as their 4th module. Students will also work in global teams on a strategic business project. Each module is provided by a different educational institution. Delivery is entirely online for non-CSU modules and includes remote live sessions combined with asynchronous online learning. CSU Students MUST attend the CSU live session 100% synchronously on April 21st from 9:00-11:00 am MST. If you want to attend IN-PERSON, register for the 701 section; if you want to attend synchronously via our Mosaic wall, register for the 801 section.

Textbooks and Materials

Please consult the CSU Bookstore for textbook information:


Brandy Maranian