ANEQ 322 - Pet Nutrition

  • 2 credits

An estimated 60% of behavior problems in dogs and cats are diet related. This course strives to provide students with a basic understanding of dietary requirements for healthy, happy companion animals. Topics covered include basic nutrients, nutrient requirements, feeding practices, prescription diets, developments in pet foods, and sources of nutrients for traditional domestic pets as well as exotics, birds, and wildlife.


ANEQ 320 (Principles of Animal Nutrition) or ANEQ 345 (Principles of Nutrition: Equine Applications) or FSHN 350 (Human Nutrition).

Textbooks and Materials

No textbook is required for this course.


Nancy Irlbeck
Nancy Irlbeck

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Nancy Irlbeck, Ph.D., has been an animal nutritionist at Colorado State University for 27 years and for over 22 of those years served as the Consulting Nutritionist for the Denver Zoo.