AGRI 637 - Understanding Policy and Emerging Issues

  • 3 credits
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Origination, purpose, and policy effects on land-based enterprises; policy effects on management decisions.

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Kraig Peel
Kraig Peel

(970) 491-6928 |

Ph.D. Meat Science, Texas A&M University; M.S. Animal Nutrition, Texas A&M University; B.S. Animal Sciences, Angelo State University

Dr. Peel is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University and is the coordinator for the Integrated Resource Management master's program. He helped develop this innovative graduate program in IRM and routinely guest lectures in a variety of College of Agricultural Sciences courses.

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Dana Hoag
Dana Hoag

(970) 491-5549 |

Ph.D. Washington State University

Dr. Hoag is a professor at CSU. He is interested in how to analyze and make decisions about issues where agriculture and the environment collide. This includes a cross section of research fields such as policy, production economics, resource economics and regional economics.

Current and recent projects include the use of conservation easements, elk and bison management in Yellowstone, ground and surface water contamination, manure management, invasive species, the economic returns to research, gender and risk, sexed semen in dairy cattle, decision analysis with multiple objectives, sustainability, and nonmarket valuation in wildlife refuges. Dr. Hoag also developed the award-winning RightRisk research and education program for risk management. He has worked with colleagues and state and federal agencies throughout the United States and in South Africa, Bolivia, and Australia.