AGRI 550 - Capacity Building for a Changing Workplace

  • 3 credits
  • Online

A framework for competence in workplaces applies situation analysis/problem-solving to resolve real life agricultural situations shared by experts.

Agriculture is about food supply, and all of the related issues. In the world today, over one billion people are under-nourished while another billion people are overweight. Students in this course will be introduced to real workplace situations, and practice knowledge, skills, and abilities that develop competence to find solutions to these issues, now and for the future. Issues of water and other resource depletion, the concept of global food security and the relationship to future sustainability of our world as well as a range of issues and elements that have an impact will be explored through situation analysis. An emphasis will be placed on the influence and action each student can take in the future by providing a framework for success in the workplace through competencies to deal with situations that we can’t currently predict but may arise in the workplace in the near future. This will be accomplished through lecture, exposure to a variety of materials and experts, discussion, interaction, creative and critical thinking, and experiential learning and includes use of situation or scenario analysis as related to the Problem-Based Learning Model (medical model).


Graduate standing in agricultural sciences or contact instructor.

Important Information

AGRI 550 has been selected as an option for Colorado State University's Graduate Certificates in Applied Global Stability.