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AGRI 465 - Pesticide Management

  • 3 credits
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The objectives of this course are to gain an appreciation of what pesticides are and why they are used in today's environment; to develop skills in handling pesticides safely; to understand the scope of pest problems and learn about the wide range of pesticides and formulations available for use; and to gain the ability to understand and select the appropriate equipment and calibration techniques for proper pesticide applications.

This course has print-based exams that require a proctor. Exams may be taken at the University Testing Center at Colorado State University, or at an accredited College or University Testing Center in your area. To request to take your exam at an accredited testing site in your area, please submit a Proctor Identification Form at least two weeks prior to the first exam in the course.

Important Information

Although the great majority of our distance education courses are offered online, AGRI 465 is an exception. Please note that AGRI 465 is a correspondence course and not an online course. Students do not need Internet access and the course will not appear in RamCT Blackboard or Canvas.

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • AGRI 465 Course Syllabus
    Bert Bohmont
  • The Standard Pesticide User's Guide (2014)
    Bert Bohmont


Bert Bohmont

Bert L. Bohmont, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized authority on pest control and pesticides. He is a professor emeritus in the College of Agricultural Sciences at CSU.