Power and EnergyGraduate Certificate

Power and Energy Electrical Engineering Certificate

Earn your power engineering certificate online

Be a part of the smart grid revolution. Earn this power and energy certificate online and gain skills to create modern solutions for the world's mounting energy needs. With the rise of electric vehicles, more ubiquitous personal technologies, and demand for renewable energy sources, the electric grid as it stands is not equipped to meet 21st century requirements.

Additionally, much of the power and energy workforce will be retiring in the coming years; as such, the time is ripe to update your knowledge to be more competitive among the next generation of professionals, and help usher in a modern, secure energy smart grid.

What you learn

This power engineering certificate addresses important contemporary issues, helping you develop expertise that will be immediately relevant to jobs in the power and energy sector.

Through power systems engineering courses, you will learn to:

  • Enhance energy systems.
  • Plan and implement alternative energy sources.
  • Design and manage energy networks.
  • Support power and energy infrastructures.

More specifically, you will learn about concepts related to the modernization of the electricity grid. It takes specialized knowledge to learn how to efficiently integrate and operate renewable energy technology. Discover the computer skills you need to model, simulate, and analyze options for integrating new technology. Learning how to make sense of electrical systems data will help you understand how to use electricity as a tradeable commodity.

Courses are taught using video, narrated presentations, and lecture capture. Assignments include technical writing projects in the form of conference papers, presentations through web conferencing software, and collaborative team projects.

Who should earn this certificate?

Energy certificate programs benefit working professionals in:

  • Energy technology
  • Environmental resources
  • Engineering

Designed for those who want to gain more knowledge about grid modernization and those with a background in power engineering who want to refresh their skills, courses address modern topics in the industry.

Option to pursue a master's degree

Credits completed for this certificate may be applied toward CSU's online master's in electrical engineering or master's in computer engineering after formal admission per University transfer policies. Successful completion of the power engineering courses or certificate, however, does not guarantee admission to the degree program.

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